Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oman – A Fort, a Wadi, and Falaj

Steve at Al Nuway Fort Omman
This weekend, a very good friend of mine, Steve Duffy (seen in the first photograph) and I went on a day-trip to Oman for yet another photographic adventure.  We visited a number of places in Oman near the border with the UAE.  We visited Al Nuway, Khadra Wadi, Wadi Sharm, and Khutwa.
Fort at Al Nuway Omman
I had a wonderful day and made over 500 exposures.  With the limited time I have recently been able to dedicate to post processing, it looks like I am digging my hole even deeper.  Today I was able to sneak in a couple hours of processing so I could at least share a few photographs with you.
Khadia Wadi
So, to explain the title of this blog, I need to provide a couple of definitions.  Wadi is an Arabic term for a dry river bed or stream.  Of course, during rains, a Wadi will collect and convey great volumes of water collected from their mountain sources.  Sometimes the flow of the wadi is sufficiently strong over time to cut gorges through rocks.
Gorge at Khutwa Wadi
The second definition, for Falaj, is a system of canals to convey water from a remote source to the point of use.  The Falaj at Khutwa shown here begins several kilometers up into the surrounding mountains and has an elaborate system of gates and tiers to bring water to any of the hundreds of garden sections.
Gardens at Khutwa
With over 500 exposures, I have plenty more to share from this trip to Oman.  I promise to post more soon.
Gardens at Khutwa-2
Have fun, and go make some great photography.

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  1. Ah, such beautiful photographs. Oman - till I see it for myself.