Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aqaba – A Visual Buffet

Carriage on the street in Aqaba
In my last post “I Don’t Shoot Sunsets (Except in Aqaba Jordan)” I featured a few photographs of the beautiful winter sunsets in Aqaba Jordan.  According to EsTeh who posted a comment about the last entry, winter sunsets in Aqaba are particularly nice because it is the time of year when clouds are likely to be present (you can read more about Aqaba at EsTeh’s web site “Your Guide to Aqaba Jordan”).
Martinis Intercontinental in Aqaba
In this post, I am featuring a few more shots from Aqaba that demonstrate a small portion of the visual diversity of the city - ranging from a really cool and immense bar at the Intercontinental hotel, one of the many Carriages that roam the streets of Aqaba, and a lonely tree on the hillside (yes, this is in the city of Aqaba…it’s all about where you point the camera!).
Tree on the Mountain - Aqaba
I have a few more photographs of Aqaba I will post soon.  I still have not had the opportunity to dedicate much time to photography in Aqaba, but I am sure that will be remedied sometime soon.
Have fun and go make some great photography.

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