Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square – Black and White

Brooklyn Bridge
In my last post, The Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square I featured two photographs of the New York icons of Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge.  This post revisits those locations with a completely different perspective and feel – black and white.  The lead photograph is a great one to compare with that in the previous post…same composition, but the previous in HDR color and the second a single exposure black and white.  There are good reasons to appreciate both photographs although their feel is completely different.
The second photograph is another shot from the Brooklyn Bridge looking south along the East River.
Brooklyn Bridge-2
The final two shots feature times square at night and are both HDR photographs.  As I look around the web, I see plenty of HDR color photography, but very little black and white in comparison.
One of the things I like about night time black and white HDR photography is the greater control over the amount of motion desired in the final photograph.  In other words, a single exposure for either of these Times Square photographs would have required a shutter speed that would have introduced a great deal of blurred motion.  With HDR, I have the option of including as little or as much of that motion I desire.
Times Square-2
Have fun, and make some great photography.

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