Saturday, October 27, 2012

1979 Kawasaki KZ750 Cafe Racer Project Update

It has been a while since I posted an update on my cafe racer project.  I have made great progress and am thoroughly enjoying the ride.  If you are just now landing on this page, follow this link to read about where this project started - 1979 Kawasaki KZ750 Cafe Racer Project - Before.  For a quick look, here is a photo of the starting point back in July.

An another from the first of September.

So far, the modifications have included:

  • Removal of front fender, rear fender, turn signals, mirrors, handlebars, seat, and airbox.
  • Added cafe racer seat and tail light
  • Added clubman handlebars
  • New muffler (sounds fantastic!)
  • Frame and fork painting
  • Removed Kawasaki logos and painted tank - add Coast Guard racing stripes
  • Adde low profile aluminum billet mirrors.
  • Exhaust wrap (needs to be redone)
  • Fabricated license plater frame
  • Added "bullet" turn signals
  • Added K&N air filters

The most invasive part of the project was installation of the new seat.  This required removal of nearly a foot long section of the original seat/fender frame.  When the saw touched metal, there was no turning back.

If the weather holds following Hurricane Sandy, I hope to take a ride to my Southern Maryland garage and continue with a few more modifications next weekend.  The work list includes:

  • Paint the tail white
  • Remove center stand
  • Install a crank case filter
  • Install and paint new exhaust wrap
  • Install muffler support
  • Cut off rear foot peg supports
  • And possibly remove the chain guard - I am still contemplating this move.

As I was walking through the neighborhood today, I met a guy who is embarked on a similar project with a Honda 650CB of the same era.  He is doing a fantastic job and has the distinct advantage of being a furniture designer and metal worker.  He already has a few pieces of nice custom metal on his project.  I think I just found a new friend.

I will be back with more updates.



  1. Cool build. I'm currently working on the same bike . We're entering a race with it next summer. Well pending getting the thing going that is.
    Here is a link to episode 1 of my video series.

    My e-mail is if you want to trade notes.