Friday, August 13, 2010

Finding Ways to Increase My Production

Regrettably, I have not had time to maintain my normal pace of posting over the last couple of weeks.  Not seeing myself regain much control of my time in the near term, I decided to look into alternate ways to improve the frequency of posting.  I first asked myself..."self, when do you have time to get up a short post if you had the means to do so?"  It did not take long to determine that I have unproductive downtime the airport, waiting for my luggage, in line at the DMV, waiting to join friends for a glass of cheer, and so on.

The one thing in common with most of these situations is that I don't have my computer or it is not convenient to use it.  The one tool I always have with me, is my iPhone.  So after a small bit of research I found that Blogger has a feature that allows you to post blog entries via e-mail.  So I ran a successful test and am now posting for real via e-mail.  This one is coming from my laptop, but will run the final test shortly with another entry from my iPhone.

The photo featured here is of my nephew - Air Parker.  On a recent trip to Michigan for my sister's wedding, I had some great fun taking some action photography of my nephews around the pool.

Stand by for more posts!

Have fun and go make some great photography!

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