Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Abandoned Village at Al Nuway Oman

Abandoned Village at Al Nuway Omman-5

This is the last in my series of posts featuring the fort and abandoned village in Al Nuway Oman.  My last post in the series “Fort at Al Nuway Oman” focused on the fort while this post feature photography of the abandoned village immediately adjacent to the fort.

Abandoned Village at Al Nuway Omman

The five photographs featured in this post share two things in common aside from the subject matter.  Each is an HDR photograph, and each composition was made from a direction having the sun in the background.  Unless you are trying to compose a silhouette, shooting into the sun is not a recommended practice.

Abandoned Village at Al Nuway Omman-1

The results of shooting into the sun usually end up with one of two results; a) your subject is exposed well, but the background is completely blown out (over exposed), or b) the background is properly exposed and your subject is under exposed.  With such a dramatic contrast in light levels, it is quite difficult to get a balanced exposure when shooting into the sun.

Abandoned Village at Al Nuway Omman-2

By using HDR techniques (post processing combination of multiple exposures with shots a couple of stops under exposed, and over exposed) you can overcome the exposure balance limitations inherent in shooting into the sun.  When you look at a scene with the sun in the background, your eye is able to adapt to the harsh light differences – your camera is not as sensitive and cannot do so in a single exposure.

Abandoned Village at Al Nuway Omman-3

I hope you have enjoyed this trip to Al Nuway and along the way picked up a couple useful applications of HDR photography.

Have fun and go make some great photography.


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