Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kids Saving the Rain Forest

Kids Saving the Rain Forest from Craig Corl on Vimeo.

For full resolution video, go to

This video tells the inspiring story of overcoming tragedy, acting on conviction, and in short, wonderful people simply doing the right thing.  If you are weary of the depressing and horrific news we are enduring in recent weeks, this is the antithesis and should invigorate you to make a difference.

From a production perspective, I set this video as a challenge.  The entire video was shot with a pair of GoPro Hero 3 Black Editions with sound captured by an inexpensive Azden wireless mike paired with a Zoom H4N.  GoPros are commonly used for action type video - strapped to a bike, surfboard, or to the helmet of a kayaker.  I wanted to experiment and show the GoPro was equally capable of capturing quality video in an interview setting.  I am happy with the outcome.


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