Monday, April 16, 2012

Piney Point Lighthouse Maryland

Piney Point Lighthouse was built in 1836 on a beautiful point of land on the Potomac just 14 miles up river from the Chesapeake Bay.  Located within walking distance from our secret lair, it is a frequent stop on my walk around photo shoots.

The lighthouse, keepers house, and grounds are now part of the Piney Point Lighthouse Museum and Park which includes displays of workboats and local maritime history.  The lighthouse is one of 11 built along the Potomac River and one of only three remaining.

The museum also tells the story of the German submarine U-1105.  The submarine surrendered to a Royal Navy escort group after receiving an order the war was over on 4 May 1945.  The British held the submarine for several months before turning it over to the United States as a war prize and object of unique interest and study for its advanced synthetic rubber skin.

With the research complete, U-1105 was towed to Solomons Island Maryland for explosive testing.  During this testing, U-1105 was sunk and salvaged several times before it was finally anchored near Piney Point in preparation for final demolition.  On 19 September 1949, U-ll05 was sunk for the last time with a depth charge in 91 feet of water off Piney Point where it was left without recognition until rediscovered by sport divers in 1985.

With normal flow and silting, the wreck appears and disappears based on local conditions.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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