Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting Started

I am finally listening to my friends and doing something with my photography. I have been shooting for a number of years and became more serious about it in 2003.

I am very fortunate to have traveled quite a bit in these past few years including South America, the Eastern Caribbean, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. I live in Washington DC and do quite a bit of shooting here and in southern Maryland.

To get started, here are a couple of photos from the Abu Dhabi desert. The first shot was taken as we were leaving the camel races at Al Wathba which is about 45 minutes outside of Abu Dhabi on the way to Al Ain.

The second shot is on the same day and was taken from the SUV of a camel owner. On this day, the course was 5 kilometers. As the camels run the course, robotic jockey attached, the camel owners drive along side shouting voice commands to the robotic jockey through a handheld radio. Equally exciting as the race, are the camel owners jockeying for position alongside the camels.

Stay tuned for more photos and more discussion.


  1. Craig,

    First of all, those photos are beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing and asking me to "follow" your blog; I'm hooked!

    Secondly, I salute your courage in opening this side of you, and am very happy to know that one of my CGA classmates has such a flair for the photographic arts AND for writing about it, to boot!

    Please keep it up!

    Rob Smith

  2. Craig,
    Outstanding work! As if your pictures from as far back as two years ago were not already fantastic, these are even better. Ji's swamped at the moment, but we're hoping to collaborate on a site this summer - it would be great to get your input. Talk to you soon.