Monday, January 24, 2011

California Wine Country in the Fog Part II–Black and White

Hill in the fog

As promised, I am back with more California wine country photography featuring some black and white compositions.  I am happy with the color shots featured in the predecessor to this post, but am particularly drawn to several of the black and white photographs – particularly the first two which represent a minimalist approach which I favor.

Trees on the Hill

The next two photographs tend increasingly away from minimalism, yet remain simple, contemplative photographs.

Old Vines

The last in the series is certainly the busiest of the four with some added tension as the spikes and vines contrast against the smooth rolling tones of the clouds above.

Vineyard rows

I have not decided on the subject of the next several posts, but you can be sure we will be revisiting Northern California at some point.  I was lucky enough to spend a little time in San Francisco, Mendocino County, and Muir Woods.  I am very excited about the shots from Muir Woods National Monument, but have a lot of sorting, selecting, and processing to do.  In other words, I may not get to this right away.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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  1. Craig, these are outstanding. Great composition and no distracting elements from the minimalist subject. Waiting to see the Muir Woods shots (and I know what you mean by needing time for workflow)!